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Alcoholic beverages today is the most sought in the world and also, the most consumed product today in the world. An estimated survey conducted in 2009, shows that more than 1.1 billion people in the world today consume alcoholic beverages on daily basis and this is continuously on the increase. The many reasons on why people consume alcohol today isn’t a very complex one because, alcohol as we know it, has been consumed in centuries far back before this one.  One of the many effects of alcohol, which makes people sought for it, is because of the good feelings it produces and in many cases, the intoxicating effects felt after its consumption.

People, today consume alcohol for many various reasons and it might not be for the effects it produces alone but, it could be for the many other reasons which are prevalent in our American society today, which may be either for friendly meetings, leisure drinking, party occasions and even for ceremonial occasions, In other words, we can clearly say alcohol has become a part of our human day to day life.

Despite, the numerous good and recommendable uses of alcohol, the constant usage of alcohol just like any other intoxicating drugs can cause addiction, most especially when taken in unadvised doses. The blissful use of alcohol in our society today can be said to, has added to a better functioning of the social lifestyle of people. This, as well, has also seen the numerous increase of cases of crimes and immoral activities among people. This evidenced by the numerous cases of alcoholic addiction we see every day in our various locations.

Take a look, at that town drunk sleeping in the street or that man who had a fatal accident and died because he was drunk driving or the case of that girl who got raped at a friend’s party and then you would see how harmful the effects of alcohol could be to a society if not properly controlled. Thus, this is to say that the permitted uses of alcohol, has also been a basis for the increase of addiction, this is mostly true for the numerous people who can’t control their alcoholic urges, due to certain disturbing reasons. Necessarily to say, people can turn to alcoholics due to many reasons, one of such known reason is the problem of depression and worries. The United States psychological research experts’ estimates that today nearly 1.3 million Americans, drink alcohol due to worries and a lesser few do drink from depression. Thus we can clearly say that the many likely cases of alcoholic addictions today spring up from the fact that people who drink to forget their worries, keep drinking consistently if they really feel that drinking causes them to forget their worries. And, for the cases of those suffering from depression, they probably drink to find solace, because they find solace in alcoholic substances.

When people become addicted to alcohol, the first thing they think to do is to get a rehab therapy for getting rid of their addiction, but what they don’t know is that there are many ways in which one could actually treat him or herself without having to go for a rehab therapy, and one of such ways Is through self-help, which is that the person can actually on his or her own get rid of their addiction, if they try hard enough.


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It is well-known fact, that a rehab center is a place where people go to for treatment from any problem arising from either drug or alcohol addiction. But, could it only be said that a rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction, couldn’t be utilized to include treatment methods for other addiction such as problematic addiction arising from the constant use of nicotine? A definite answer to this was demonstrated by the law being put into practice by the state of New York, which currently is the has fulfilled all the provisional requirements that permit for the creation of a nicotine/smokers rehabilitation program in the states rehabilitation health care center. Find out if you are qualified for an addiction treatment session in our https://rehab-finder.org/drug/rehab-program.

The effect of this law is that alcoholics and drug addicts would be encouraged to quit smoking and it would not be an obligatory demand made. What, this all means is that any alcoholic or drug addict undergoing therapy would have the choice of either to quit smoking and get therapy in form of drugs, which would assist him or her to eventually stop smoking cravings or that, he or she who decides not to quit the habit of smoking would be required to smoke outside the rehab facility and would not be permitted to smoke during their therapy session, as they get treated for other addictions. Also, this law would be limited to the staffs and all residing people inside the therapy care facility, but there still is a great dispute about how this law might be of useful effect in the therapy mode of administration.

Another state still pushing for the legalization of the adding the nicotine rehab to its alcoholic and drug rehab administration, is the state of New Jersey in the United States of America. As a major propellant of this principle, it has been on records that since the year 2002, New Jersey has been a foremost advocator for the push of this law but, it could clearly be said that the state of New York has fulfilled all the criteria for the practice of this law in its state and as of now. Which, is that that two-thirds of the 1,200 treatment centers for alcohol and drug rehab, require a smoking quitting effort to help its outpatient treatment wards?

There, has been an actual thought on if, it was a recommendable action to request from addict patients to quit smoking during their therapy session, this is because it has been observed that treatment of addictions; such as alcohol addiction and hard drugs, in the likes of heroin, cocaine, morphine, methadone, and others, could make the therapy conducted have an ineffective effect, if the patient continued smoking. But, this question has seemed an unlikely approach and has constantly been a matter of debate because, research has discovered that those who suffer from alcoholic or drug addiction have sometimes made significant recoveries from using nicotine and another, fact has stated that those who suffer from alcoholic and drug addiction has seemingly grown worse from the constant use of nicotine, during undergoing therapy sessions.

However, it is still to be noted that because of the complexity of the situation, research experts are still debating and making more findings on how good or bad adding nicotine to an addicted person’s therapy session could be of huge benefit or retarded progress. But, what we know is that sooner or later we would have their latest findings on the beneficial or harmful effects of this substance.



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